Sewing Investment

This has been a frustrating sewing weekend. I waited all week to get a chance to sew and then things just don’t come together. I sewed pieces together wrong and had all kinds of fitting struggles. You know the drill – I have sewn and sewn but I have nothing to show for it. (And y’all I was messing up on scrub pants – come ON!)

Well maybe that not true. I don’t have anything I can WEAR this week. But I am closer to my goals.

The scrub pants – ya know what? I can actually find scrub pants that I like and fit well. I just don’t like paying $35 for them. But saving money was not a primary goal. It was secondary. I expect to see a savings because I will not be buying clothes that don’t really fit and then hang in my closet. I may reevaluate them in the future, but for now they will be store bought. Me-made scrub pants do not add value to my life.

Actual pants. I attempted a zipper fly front pants. I’ve done 2 mock runs and I’m still not there. The fly actually went together pretty well. That’s a win. I almost gave up and decided I would just buy these too. I can find pants that fit at about 70%, are decently made and are reasonably priced. So I went online and found some that were SO cute! But dang it – not in my size. Rinse and repeat. So now I’m not just frustrated with my sewing, I’m mad at my body and my life in general.

What do I really want in pants? I want them to fit good. (85% of “perfect” fit). I want them to neatly made with hidden details like bias bound fly edges and pockets. I’m not going to find all that in my budget and/or my size.

I want to feel that sense of pride and satisfaction when a pocket comes together just right.

So here I am – not giving up today. Trying not to think about how much time and materials I used up today (or the kitchen that didn’t get clean). I invested in myself. I invested in my dream of having a well fitting and unique wardrobe.

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